We Had a Big Ordeal at Work

We had a pretty frantic day at the office today, although a lot of it was an overreaction to a bad situation by the guy who runs one part of the company. The original problem seems to have been deliberate, a disgruntled worker who knew that he was about to get fired. It is actually a good idea not to let that become known. At any rate I had to scramble around looking for a quickbooks support phone number for quickbooks customer service after this one guy started trying to do silly stuff to fix the original problem. The entire system was knocked out and it needed to be restored to a past save point, which would have cost us all of the work we had done. The entire thing was a big fiasco and it was completely unnecessary. At some point it is just time to cut your losses and move on. At any rate it was all a big waste of time.

We can not really prove that the recently fired Jack is responsible for the problem, aside from the fact that he told some people that he was going to get even.with his boss. Of course most of what went wrong was as much the fault of each of them. One of them lit the fire and the other one threw gasoline on it. The quickbooks thing was the real casualty of it. When we got back up that was the big problem. It was not just a single day’s work, but the entire thing. It was not really so bad though, since we managed to piece together most of what we had lost. I had some of it on my laptop, in fact all of the stuff that was relevant to my work. Other people looked around on their laptops and found more of it.