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2 Player on Spiderman?

After Tobey Maguire no longer be Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield continued her role in The Amazing Spider-Man with new stories. But in the second film, Sony actually stop the role of Andrew. As a result, Spider-Man appeared in Captain America: Civil War, played by Tom Holland.

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As reported Movie Web, Wednesday (22/02/2017), after Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield gave praise to Tom Holland, an interesting thing happened. Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland finally met face to face for the first time after Tom appeared as Spider-Man.

Both face to face at the BAFTA Awards and a number of fans to upload photos and videos of meeting Andrew and Tom in the social media Twitter. Incidentally in the event, Tom Holland received the Rising Star Award Trophy. After BAFTA Awards, Tom reveals what he felt when he met Andrew.

We met for the first